Tesla Model S, Awe-some car but still expensive.

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My test drive experience was a smooth process, there was no dreaded sales pitch and upsell. I filled the Tesla Model S test drive form online, called a Tesla inside sales advisor to confirm my test drive appointment, my confirmation and advance reminders came by emails and texts. The user experience already differs from when I last shopped for my car. Tesla has a leaner business model.

Located at 1325 Lawrence avenue, the parking site already feels futuristic with lined charging posts, parked Tesla cars with their owners inside busy with things to do. How many hours have you spent filling your gas tanks? Hundreds. Advantage electric cars.

Has its own OS and a team of hackers to protect the car’s software from bad hackers. 

Calvin Yeung, a knowledgeable and helpful Tesla Ownership Advisor greeted me and was my co-pilot for the day. Thanks Calvin!

Here’s my first impression of Tesla Model S.

What I like about Tesla model S:
  • Eight airbags: head, knee and pelvis airbags in the front plus two side curtain airbags
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Blind spot warning

It’s the safest car in America as of posting date, so if your numero uno concern is safety because you have kids then you found your baby. 

  • Instant acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in seconds! Whoa! 
             (You have to test drive it to really appreciate this feature.)
  • Autopilot (On highways only, this feature cost $3,000.)
  • Auto park (Hasta la vista to stressful parking on tight spaces.)
  • Summon – wireless control of certain car maneuvers 

Find out your own wow features on Tesla website.

It’s a 100% green car with built-in customizable user accounts.

  • 4G Wi-Fi is free for 4 years, cost is unknown after 4 years
  • The car’s battery life is 15 years, after that you need to buy a new battery
  • Car’s body is made of aluminum, aluminum is rust resistant
  • All parts have 8 years warranty
  • Tesla will repair the car when it breaks, when it breaks is debatable
  • Yearly maintenance cost is $650
  • 4 years full road side assistance
  • Has its own operating system and a team of hackers to protect the car’s software from bad hackers. 

Details gathered above were based on my Q&A with Calvin Yeung, Tesla Ownership Advisor.
You may contact him at 416.305.0633 mobile, or 647.260.1794 main, or email at cyeung@teslamotors.com.


Windows Server 2003 End of Support

After July 14 Windows Server 2003 will no longer get updates from Microsoft.
This means that it might be susceptible to newly found bug attacks.

Servers are hardened or its security settings are set to high after setup. (This is the reason why servers don’t have a built-in Anti-virus.) Server owners don’t have to worry that much if it’s mostly used for; data storage, folder sharing, and backup.

3 Tips to avoid virus on Windows Server 2003.
1) Don’t use Internet Explorer to browse the net.
2) Don’t install and use Chrome to browse the net.
3) Make sure the admin password is complex.

Feel free to text or call at 416-827-9234 if you have any questions about your server or migration to CLOUD.


Smart alternative to Fax

If you still need to send and receive faxes because your clients and suppliers use fax here’s a smarter alternative.

How it works:  (Receiving)

  1. Your client sends a fax to you at your current fax number.
  2. The online fax company receives their fax then sends the fax to your email address.
  3. You receive the fax in PDF in your inbox. You can read, print, or forward the fax.

 How it works: (Sending)

  1. The process is the same as sending an email except that in the “To...” field you need to enter; the country code, fax number,  and @onlinefaxcompany.com. Say your client’s fax number is 416-827-9234, and your online fax company is myfax.com then the “To…” field will look similar to example above.
  2. Attach the files you wanted to fax and send.
  3. Your client will receive the documents in their fax machine.

Now that you understand how online faxing works your next question would be 
how much it’ll cost you?

More benefits of online faxing:

  •  Less clutter on your desk
  • You can receive and send faxes on your mobile devices
  •  Less time to look for documents because your faxes are now searchable

As of posting, I have tested two online fax services which are RingCentral.ca and Myfax.com.
Both are reliable in sending/receiving faxes and offer a trial period. 
RingCentral provided better customer service experience than Myfax. 
It's easier to discontinue a trial account with RingCentral.
Myfax offers a longer trial period, their iOS app is easy to use.

If you have more questions on how the process works or need help on migrating to online fax
 text or drop me a line at 416-827-9234 or shoot me an email.


Is Apple Watch the beginning of Health care 2.0?

Is Apple Watch for you?
It’s for people who own iPhone 5 to latest models running iOS 8.2 to future versions.

Because most of its critical features are still dependent on iPhone, for example texting
and notifications.

How much does it cost?
From $449 to $19,000 CAD

What’s great about Apple Watch?
You can send your heartbeat to another Apple Watch owner.

What’s so great about that?
What if you can send your heartbeat to your doctor or the doctor’s assistant or a team of health specialists? What can they tell from your heartbeat? Not a lot I presumed, but If you can send your heartbeat now what else can you send in the future? If what can you send in the future is collected in the CLOUD as a social media for health care - HealthBook then we’ll have millions of health conditions for analysis. Quick and exact diagnosis for many ailments could be one of by products.


Happy Women’s Day!

Women are already strong, girls are already smart, transgender already capable what a family unit, community, city, nation, the world need to do is to believe that they are and nurture.

FIFA World Cup is 89 days away, for the experience and hopefully to inspire my nieces and nephew, I’ve acquired tickets to see our strong Canadian team battle over Nederlands at the Montreal Olympic Stadium.

Go women go! Go Canada go!


How to detect and remove Superfish technology pre-installed in 42 Lenovo models?

If you own a Lenovo computer with model  number listed on the table at the bottom of this page and have not gone through the detection and removal process then it’s infected with a malware made by Superfish Inc.  The  malware injects visual ads on your browser, and in some cases approves malicious websites that may have the potential to capture critical data.

To quickly check if your Lenovo computer is infected with Superfish go to this website - https://filippo.io/Badfish.

If you have more than one browser installed, open each browser,  copy and paste the link.

If your Lenovo computer is infected you need to uninstall the Superfish VisualDiscovery program AND  the Superfish Inc.  trusted root certificate.

To remove the Superfish Program:
  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Look for “Superfish Inc. VisualDiscovery”
  3. Uninstall

To remove the Superfish Certificate:
  1. On your keyboard press Windows key + R
  2. Type or copy and paste certmgr.msc
  3. Click on “Action”,  click on “Find Certificates”, type “Superfish”
  4. Left click on “Superfish” , click on delete

Re start your Lenovo computer and go to  https://filippo.io/Badfish website again to verify Superfish had been removed.

Complete list of Lenovo models (42 in total) affected by
Superfish malware: (Source Lenovo)







Flex2 14
Flex2 15


Miix2 – 8


Flex2 14D
Flex2 15D


Miix2 – 10


Flex2 14 (BTM) Flex2 15 (BTM)


Miix2 – 11

S415 Touch

Flex 10


S20-30 Touch






















If your Lenovo computer is infected with the Superfish malware and would like an expert to remove it for you either on-site or remotely, give us a call at 416-827-9234 or send us an email at Lydia@pcubeservices.com.


TECH SPRING CLEANING: 3 Steps to Keeping an Organized Inbox

As business owners, we spend a large portion of our time and energy composing and reading emails - from helping clients resolve their issues to encouraging a family member to take on new challenges. However, it’s understandable that corresponding with clients, friends, family and coworkers can zap your energy. To avoid this emotional swing, create folders and organize your emails so you can control which emails to read and when.

If not controlled, various email messages can drain us and affect our momentum. When you are interrupted while working, the latest research indicates that within 15 seconds of considering a new situation or problem you will have forgotten as much as 40% of the information you were focused on previously, and it can take you up to 15 minutes to regain your state of concentration (source: Why We Make Mistakes, Joe Hallinan).

Here are three easy steps to control your inbox:

1. Click “Rules” in your Outlook Ribbon and choose “Always Move Messages From: [Sender]”

2. Create new subfolders by role – for example: 1-Family, 2-VIP Clients, 3-Advisors, 4-Community

3. Click “OK” and you’re done! Repeat this process for any mail you receive. You will no longer receive a notification when that sender delivers something to their new folder – so don’t forget to check in and respond when you have some free time!

Now when each spring arrives, you’ll have less of a tech headache and more time to tackle your dust bunnies! If you would like more detailed instructions on how to control emails, please leave a comment below or Tweet @pcubeservices using the hashtag #MyCleanInbox.