P Cube did kayaking at the Bluffs

All items on my list are checked-out.
The 17 foot skye kayak sat on top of my car.
The boat came with a car top rigging.
MEC let me take another PFD for a taller womyn
with no extra charge which is now in my trunk
waiting to be used as if in a line-up with the small PFD and the rest of the gears inside the net basket. Two days ago, i checked the forecast from the weather network site, saturday, august 26 is sunny and a high of 27 degrees! i was excited! confident that a calm water is waiting for us i sent out a happy email to womyn who expressed their interest. In my email, i included one smiley face and a smiling sun.
August 26th, i was in a cute outfit. cut my nails. printed out sodoku puzzles in easy, medium, and hard intended for womyn who'll be waiting their turn on wet exit lesson. My sidekick and i arrived earlier. unrigged the kayak and carried it to the beach. We had to make three trips from my car to that days base point, i was really prepared. Extreme flavours of wrigley gum were place on the wooden table courtesy of my sidekick.
I heard sodoku, gum, and wet exit will keep one occupied for days.
We carried, we prepared, we waited, we wrote...

Only a beach veteran will stay not to mention enjoy her day in the beach from morning passed afternoon waiting for a chance to take out her boat. What greeted us the moment we arrived were the swells caused by easterly wind, a beach with the red flag up, and a very shy sun.

Thank you mighty Mylene P Cube sidekick for all your efforts!
Until next paddling event. Thank you all for the emails. - ms cube


Lydia said...

Maraming salamat/thank you to those who have expressed their interest in this fun event. In location photos and my full report will go live next week.

until next time, until next gimmick,