Let's recycle, reuse, and save mother nature

The life expectancy of some hardware is 3 months. This means, suppliers and distributors will have a stock of a particular model for 3 months only, to make room for newer models with new features, and added compatibility.

Upgrade is to replace a defective computer parts, to satisfy the need for speed, to some the need to run a new released software.

Upgrade produces an excess of functional hardware,
a bit slower perhaps but it does the job. At P Cube Services, we thought of a way to add more value to our clients by offering a list of used in good working condition hardware given by our clients. Instead of scrapping it why not recycle it?

This exclusive offer is available to our clients only.
All listed hardware are tested and ready to use.
Delivery (equal to 2 ttc tickets and parking cost) and UPS shipping charges applies. Call 416.827.9234 or write to lydia@pcubeservices.com to start the recycling, reusing, and saving mother nature process.

To the previous owner of the listed hardware, thank you for your contribution.