P Cube competing with the giants

I am excited to inform you that we have partnered with computer distributors who have been in business for 20 years! What this means to you is added value of product selection and price reduction.

Computer Distributors are the supplier of hardware and software, they are the second chain in the supply and demand flow, they buy the products direct from the manufacturers - the people who design and create software and hardware. Distributors buy large quantities of items from the manufacturers, this translates to buying power which results to lower price per item which is passed on to
P Cube Services - a registered computer dealer or reseller. P Cube Services can then compete with reseller giants like futureshop and staples in offering a very competitive price tag.

To illustrate the supply chain process;

Manufacturer -----------------> Distributor -------> Dealer ----------------> Power User
Intel CPU ---------------------->
FTC Computers --> P Cube Services -----> You
Microsoft Windows Vista -->
Comtronic ---------> P Cube Services ----> You

We thank Comtronic and FTC Computers for welcoming P Cube Services as one of their dealers.