A FREE program to automate logins

Roboform is a tool I use every day. It automatically types all the required information to get in an online server and auto fills forms.

I prefer it over many password manager programs because it’s free, easy to use, and doesn’t slow down internet explorer. It has no annoying ad, stores and transmits my information securely, and most important for a program, it’s updated regularly.

The picture on the right shows Roboform in action. I clicked on the Toronto Public Library link to search and reserve books. Roboform auto launched and offered me to fill & submit my library card number (which is very long), and my password. In just one click I’m in TPL’s server! There's no typing and memorizing required!

The free version will only store 10 logins. To download and read more details about Roboform click on the link http://www.roboform.com/


Marco Barulli said...

Using a password manager is not merely convenient, it’s an effective way to adopt better security practices without too much stress. It basically sums up to: 1) never re-use the same password, 2) use strong passwords.

But if you are going to use multiple strong and complex passwords you can't remember all of them and you definitely need a password manager.

Software products like Roboform are certainly an option, but you could also consider a web based solution.
(i’m a tad biased …)

Clipperz is an online password manager that can do much more than simply storing your passwords.
- ubiquitous access
- direct login to online services
- offline version
- bookmarklet for quick data entry
- nothing to install or backup
- …

It’s free and completely anonymous.

Clipperz lets you submit confidential information into your browser, but your data are locally encrypted by the browser itself before being uploaded.

The key for the encryption process is a passphrase known only to you.
Clipperz simply hosts your sensitive data in encrypted form and could never actually access the data in its plain form.

For any further information refer to our website:

Clipperz co-founder

Lydia said...

hi marco,

thanks for your comments. i visited clipper.com to find out more about clipperz.

Cattolica reminds me of the scarborough bluffs - http://www.toronto.ca/waterfront/tour/bluffers_park.htm.

a concern i have with web based service is security and availability. how do we assure users that clipperz's server is secure? what's the guarantee that my password is there when i really need it?

i use google docs and spreadsheets
(a web based service) because i already "know" google. it has a strong brand name. your strategy to offer clipperz for free is actually encouraging.

i will try it out and perhaps include a review on my future articles.


Marco Barulli said...

Scarborough Bluffs look gorgeous! (and certainly less crowded than Cattolica ...)

Thanks for giving Clipperz a chance!

I used Google myself for quite a long time to keep my confidential data, but then I thought that it shouldn't be necessary for an application provider to know the user data.

Clipperz does solve the password management problem, but it mainly gives a practical demonstration of a new breed of web applications: the "zero-knowledge" web apps.

Applications where the provider is simply in charge of delivering the Ajax code to the user's browser and then storing user's data in an encrypted form on its servers.
Clipperz lets you submit confidential information into your browser, but your data are locally encrypted by the browser itself before being uploaded.

Detailed information about the crypto foundations are available here: