What I like about Microsoft Office 2007 (A review about OneNote 2007)

OneNote reduced my need of a printer, scanner, fax machine,
and a fax line. It also gave me one place to organize information in various format for an upcoming project.

I can type notes, paste in photos, and create a hyperlink to another note. I can edit a received PDF form - fill and sign the form then email it from OneNote.

What impresses me is how easy it is to do all these things AND its search feature is fast and powerful. I type in a word and OneNote displays the number of hits, gives summary of each page, and highlights the searched word.

OneNote is like a collection of notebooks with the advantage of quick search, dynamic editing, hyperlinks to other projects, and multimedia insertion.

Here is an excerpt from OneNote getting started
“OneNote is a place for gathering, organizing, searching, and sharing notes, clippings, thoughts, reference materials, and other information.”

Here’s a link from Microsoft about OneNote. Demo: What is OneNote?
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