Hey! I'm on Google: A Three-Step Guide.

“I found you on the net.” A recurring reply when I asked first time callers where they have found my computer services and sales business.

More and more, people rely on Google and other search engines to locate computer experts.

Google, the dominant brand, is the first and often only place most customers use in a web search. Google Maps will show them visually how conveniently close your business is. You'll stand out among thousands of businesses and future clients will instantly see how quickly they can get to you. If you're not on the map, you won't be found!

To help you be seen, I have created a service that will put you on Google Maps.

The Google Maps listing is FREE forever.

Here’s what it will look like. Click the picture to see it live.

Hey! I'm on Google from Start to Finish: A Three-Step Guide.

Call 416-827-9234 for questions and quick help.
What is PayPal?

Complete the form and email it to us with your photos. The required information is needed, the rest is optional. If the required information is on your website let us know and we’ll do the rest.
Call 416-827-9234 for questions and quick help.

Call 416-827-9234 for questions and quick help.
To preview your live listing click this link and type your business name or organization.

Good to know: A listing with a picture will draw more attention than one without.