Secure your router in 5 minutes! A guide for non-technical people.

Routers to technology is like doors to houses. Bugs and flies can enter if your door is open. A hacking program can infiltrate your network if your router is not secure.

The most effective way in locking your router is changing its administrator password to a complex one. Why? Because there are many hacking software that can figure out simple secret codes, in 2 minutes.

Simple secret code example: 6789, happy, admin
Complex secret code example: IAmComplex39!, @Indis-tructible80

How do I change the router administrator password?
(You can use the following steps too if you have to reset your router.)

Click on Start,
type cmd and press enter,
type ipconfig and press enter,
note the default gateway.

Open Internet Explorer,
type the default gateway and press enter,
enter your current login information.

Look for administration,
look for router password,
type your new complex password,
save settings.

To check if your router is armed with the new hard to guess
password follow BATCH 2, this time use your new secret code.

Congratulations your router is now solidly barricaded!


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