P Cube Services field report, a must read for Windows XP users

Our service record for the past two months shows that Rootkit infection is on the rise. All infected computers run on Windows XP.

Installed Anti-virus program at the time of infection were AVG and Symantec in different flavors. Computers were infected when users clicked on a seemingly legitimate popup prompt on a compromised website.

What you can do now to protect yourself:
Insure that your Anti-virus program has the latest virus signature.
Insure that Windows Firewall or installed firewall is turned on.
Insure that Windows XP Service Park 3 is installed.

Rootkit is a powerful and mean program.
It disables Anti-virus real-time protection and blocks internet connection.
From our experience, it can’t be removed by simply running ANY Anti-virus or Rootkit removal program.

We use TDSSkiller to detect a Rootkit infection.
We have the link to Windows XP Service Pack 3 from our blog.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.