Smart Devices, Smart Services

P Cube Services is pleased to announce new support services for Android-powered mobile devices that will help you manage your Toronto small business better.

Using a smartphone or tablet is important when running a small business, and we want to make your experience as efficient as possible.

Storage Expansion:
After getting a “low memory” error multiple times, there’s only so much of your small business’ apps you can delete before you need to do something more substantial. P Cube Services can upgrade your memory without losing any of your critical data, including the personalized settings in your apps that you spend hours on.

Text Message Back-Up:
This service is for tech savvy professionals and business owners who use text messaging to connect with clients and suppliers. Many devices are shipped with a default setting to delete old messages after texts limit is reached. You can set your phone to keep your messages, but for greater security, ask P Cube Services to automatically backup all of your texts to Gmail. We can even organize your text by sender. Searching within any of these folders for a certain keyword or text message within each folder is easy, so you can find what you’re looking for right away.

Mobile Email Access:
This service is not only about having access to your emails on your smartphone when you’re out and about, it also synchronizes the smartphone with Outlook, which makes managing communication with your clients much easier.

App Migration:
If you’re thinking about upgrading your Android device, you might have a little heartburn about losing the apps you’ve paid for or stored important data on. With P Cube’s App Migration service, you can rest easy without having to say goodbye to your apps – or any data stored within them (even your Angry Birds high score).

It’s certainly possible to run your business without a mobile device, but think of it like tying yourself to a pole. Helping improve many areas of business, including connectivity, organization and management, tablet computers and smartphones allow you to run your small business to its full potential.

To try one of our fresh mobile support services today, give P Cube Services a call. We want to help your Toronto small business be the best it can be, with these services and our reputable computer support services!