Three Ways a Smart TV Can Improve Your Boardroom

Are you wondering how you can empower your staff and board members? Have you found that your boardroom, your business’ central communication hub, lacks the technology it needs to successfully execute meetings?

You may already know that a smart TV can play YouTube videos, but did you know that it can also display Office files? Have you thought of stimulating your employees and bringing joie de vivre to your peeps using webinars and TED Talks during meetings?

Here are three ways your business can use a smart TV to potentially increase productivity and your bottom line:

#1: Connect to Staff Globally
Whether you have an employee or board member who’s snowed in at home or an associate working from another country, they don’t have to miss any essential meetings at the office if you have a smart TV installed in your boardroom. By using a built-in smart TV application like Skype, high definition video conferencing is a cinch.

#2: Access to Documents in the Cloud
Presentation files, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets – the list of files you need to sustain a business meeting go on and on. One of the most critical topics discussed in your boardroom might be regarding finances: Are we expanding too fast(losing money)? Have we met our yearly charitable donations? (Are we making money?) What else can we cut to finance our R&D? (How can we cut our expenses?) If you have a smart TV, you can display spreadsheet/s, and present a “what-if” analysis on the fly, with input from the whole team as they watch the numbers change.

#3: External Resources to Facilitate Meetings
Because you can access the internet and download apps(applications), the support of external resources is seemingly endless with a smart TV. You can brainstorm ideas with the World Wide Web to back up your team’s ideas, search for high definition videos/trending hashtags on Twitter, watch webinars to learn new skills as a team, or connect a laptop computer to share the screen.

If your small business is looking to incorporate a smart TV in your boardroom and you’re not sure how to go about doing so, P Cube Services would be glad to help you out. What is your favourite feature of a smart TV? Leave a comment below, we’ll see which feature wins the hearts of Toronto business owners!

Photo credit: Flickr: Pacific Business Centers


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