Three Ways a Smart TV Can Better Your Business

If you've read some of our recent blog posts, including “Three Ways a Smart TV Can Improve Your Boardroom” and “Making the Most of Your Small Business’ Technology,” you know that televisions today can be used for much more than just watching Rick Mercer Report. In this blog post, we’ll show you three ways a smart TV can enrich business.

1) Supplementary Signage
Signage can be supplementary to your business and when used correctly it’s a useful tactic to communicate with your audience. If you have a newsletter, this is a good place to call out key points and messages. If a property manager installed a smart TV in their lobby, they could easily convey important messages, like when garbage day is or new policies being implemented for their tenants. See an example P Cube Services created for a client below:

2) Compelling Communication
A smart TV is also a great way to share compelling information. High definition videos can educate viewers about services your business provides, important tips they should know, and resources for more information (i.e. websites, etc.). For example, a dentist could use a smart TV in the waiting room of their office explaining the importance of professional cleaning or steps to take after getting a dental implant.

3)  Alluring Appearance
The third way a business could use a smart TV to enhance their business is to entice potential customers to come inside using a display that is visible from the outside. A perfect scenario is for a local restaurant to display their menu along with mouth-watering pictures of their most-ordered menu items.

Now you’re probably wondering – why do I need a smart TV? I should probably just save the money and use a regular big screen TV, right? WRONG! Here are a few benefits to using a smart TV over a regular big screen TV:
  • First and foremost: A smart TV is internet-enabled
  • Quick changes to files can be made to accommodate any scenario
  • The display can be changed immediately after a new file is uploaded
  • Updating the display can be done from any location
  • Because the TV does not have to be manually reconfigured, it can be mounted anywhere in the office – no ladders required!

What would you like to use a smart TV for in your business (other than watching Rick Mercer Report when no one is looking)? Leave a comment below!