Good Things Come in Small Packages

P Cube customers, it’s official. The future is now! Intel has released a device that would have made jaws drop if it were shown in the 1985 flick, Back to the Future.

The new device is called a NUC (pronounced Nook), otherwise known as a Next Unit of Computing. Think of it as your entire desktop computer, minus the computer screen, and minus the large size and heavy weight. Measuring at a mere 4x4”, the Intel NUC is smaller than a Wireless router! On top of being aesthetically pleasing, noise is no longer an issue because the unit has no fan – all of this for less than $500.

I know you already love the idea of this device, but it has some other fun features:
•    The memory and hard drive can be upgraded, so the device will keep up with you and your files as your small business keeps growing

•    It is Windows-compatible, and can use programs such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe, and proprietary management programs

•    If you’re leaving a shared office for vacation or would like to bring your computer home for the evening, simply throw it in your bag and bring it with you

•    The NUC can be used as a home theatre system– check out this link: http://intel.ly/1dgZ1TX. It can also be fully customized for each viewer with a unique user account, so when you turn on the TV and sign in, all of your favourite shows, apps, games and wallpaper will appear

Given its form factor and software capability, how would you use it to improve your business? Call P Cube Services today to learn more.