TECH SPRING CLEANING: 3 Steps to Keeping an Organized Inbox

As business owners, we spend a large portion of our time and energy composing and reading emails - from helping clients resolve their issues to encouraging a family member to take on new challenges. However, it’s understandable that corresponding with clients, friends, family and coworkers can zap your energy. To avoid this emotional swing, create folders and organize your emails so you can control which emails to read and when.

If not controlled, various email messages can drain us and affect our momentum. When you are interrupted while working, the latest research indicates that within 15 seconds of considering a new situation or problem you will have forgotten as much as 40% of the information you were focused on previously, and it can take you up to 15 minutes to regain your state of concentration (source: Why We Make Mistakes, Joe Hallinan).

Here are three easy steps to control your inbox:

1. Click “Rules” in your Outlook Ribbon and choose “Always Move Messages From: [Sender]”

2. Create new subfolders by role – for example: 1-Family, 2-VIP Clients, 3-Advisors, 4-Community

3. Click “OK” and you’re done! Repeat this process for any mail you receive. You will no longer receive a notification when that sender delivers something to their new folder – so don’t forget to check in and respond when you have some free time!

Now when each spring arrives, you’ll have less of a tech headache and more time to tackle your dust bunnies! If you would like more detailed instructions on how to control emails, please leave a comment below or Tweet @pcubeservices using the hashtag #MyCleanInbox.