Is Apple Watch the beginning of Health care 2.0?

Is Apple Watch for you?
It’s for people who own iPhone 5 to latest models running iOS 8.2 to future versions.

Because most of its critical features are still dependent on iPhone, for example texting
and notifications.

How much does it cost?
From $449 to $19,000 CAD

What’s great about Apple Watch?
You can send your heartbeat to another Apple Watch owner.

What’s so great about that?
What if you can send your heartbeat to your doctor or the doctor’s assistant or a team of health specialists? What can they tell from your heartbeat? Not a lot I presumed, but If you can send your heartbeat now what else can you send in the future? If what can you send in the future is collected in the CLOUD as a social media for health care - HealthBook then we’ll have millions of health conditions for analysis. Quick and exact diagnosis for many ailments could be one of by products.