Tesla Model S, Awe-some car but still expensive.

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My test drive experience was a smooth process, there was no dreaded sales pitch and upsell. I filled the Tesla Model S test drive form online, called a Tesla inside sales advisor to confirm my test drive appointment, my confirmation and advance reminders came by emails and texts. The user experience already differs from when I last shopped for my car. Tesla has a leaner business model.

Located at 1325 Lawrence avenue, the parking site already feels futuristic with lined charging posts, parked Tesla cars with their owners inside busy with things to do. How many hours have you spent filling your gas tanks? Hundreds. Advantage electric cars.

Has its own OS and a team of hackers to protect the car’s software from bad hackers. 

Calvin Yeung, a knowledgeable and helpful Tesla Ownership Advisor greeted me and was my co-pilot for the day. Thanks Calvin!

Here’s my first impression of Tesla Model S.

What I like about Tesla model S:
  • Eight airbags: head, knee and pelvis airbags in the front plus two side curtain airbags
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Blind spot warning

It’s the safest car in America as of posting date, so if your numero uno concern is safety because you have kids then you found your baby. 

  • Instant acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in seconds! Whoa! 
             (You have to test drive it to really appreciate this feature.)
  • Autopilot (On highways only, this feature cost $3,000.)
  • Auto park (Hasta la vista to stressful parking on tight spaces.)
  • Summon – wireless control of certain car maneuvers 

Find out your own wow features on Tesla website.

It’s a 100% green car with built-in customizable user accounts.

  • 4G Wi-Fi is free for 4 years, cost is unknown after 4 years
  • The car’s battery life is 15 years, after that you need to buy a new battery
  • Car’s body is made of aluminum, aluminum is rust resistant
  • All parts have 8 years warranty
  • Tesla will repair the car when it breaks, when it breaks is debatable
  • Yearly maintenance cost is $650
  • 4 years full road side assistance
  • Has its own operating system and a team of hackers to protect the car’s software from bad hackers. 

Details gathered above were based on my Q&A with Calvin Yeung, Tesla Ownership Advisor.
You may contact him at 416.305.0633 mobile, or 647.260.1794 main, or email at cyeung@teslamotors.com.